Do you have a great idea for an app but don’t know where to start? Or maybe your business has a need for a custom app? We can help you make it a reality. Our programmers have years of experience with both iOS and Android app development working with small businesses to international companies.

Project Experience

Android App Development iOS App Development

Speech Delivery / Speech Recognition

Creating speech recognition delivery / conduit. Speech is captured on an Android device, piped to a server where results are interpreted and matched to a contact database.

Energy Power Monitor

Created an Android application that supports a home energy monitor, capturing and processing signals leads and detecting patterns.

Photo Sharing + Video Streaming

Developed a photo sharing Android application.

Video Streaming

A major premium provider hired AgoraNet to be the lead developer on an Android application that plays videos for a major television streaming network. The AgoraNet developer built the Android team that worked on the project.

Integrate VOIP + Screen Sharing

AgoraNet ported and integrated screen sharing technology to Android and integrated it with VOIP technology to enable customer support / customer engagement.

Operate Equipment + Video Streaming

An AgoraNet developer worked on an Android application to support military and industrial equipment. Allows use of a tablet to operate equipment in the field (drive, display camera, have robot follow models/3D kinetics).

Operate Equipment – Learning

Developed an iOS and Android mobile application to support a device that will be used to teach kids to program and drive robots.

Text to Speech (TTS) / Vision Impaired Assistance

Enhanced the Android part of an existing mobile application currently in Google Play (and iOS App Store) which supports a text-to-speech reading for use by users who are visually impaired or have dyslexia. Supports reading PDF, certain other kinds of material.

Text to Speech (TTS) / Vision Impaired Assistance

Developing a mobile application related to the reading tool application that allows users to take a photo, convert it to readable text, and then read the text.

Auto Sales

Created a mobile application currently in Google Play and the App Store that allows users to browse photos and detailed listings of vehicles from dealers in Delaware, allows search by different criteria e.g. year, make, model, allows the user to apply for credit within the app, or contact the dealership to make an appointment.

Dispatch System for Contractors

Mobile application that is currently in development to support a contractor dispatch system and integrates seamlessly with the web application portal. Several entities share information, track information, share documentation, work order related process, GPS integration.

Operate Equipment / Monitoring

Created an Android application that drives a water monitoring instrument (detects range of heavy metals in samples).

Operate Equipment / Monitoring

Created an application that provides communication with a water monitoring sensor over bluetooth. Measures presence of chemicals, guiding the user through the use of two different types of sensors.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Mobile application that is currently in development to make use of Voice related application developed on another project.