Project Experience

Web Application Development Desktop Windows Application Development

Landlord/Tenant Web Application Portal

Created a Landlord/Tenant web application portal that allows landlords to list their property with images, tenants to view the properties, pay for and submit an application that goes to a third party for a background check, kicks out a report that Tenant can then share with the landlord. Security Encryption. Allows users to interact by sharing information, sharing documentation and make use of secured third party documents.

Contractor Dispatch System

A web application portal that is currently in development to support a contractor dispatch system which integrates seamlessly with the mobile application. Several entities share information, track information, share documentation, work order related process, GPS integration.

Text to Speech (TTS) / Voice Engine

Worked alongside a Speech Research laboratory to develop an application that benefits people who are losing or who have already lost their ability to speak – allows people who use a Speech Generating Device (SGD) to communicate with a unique personal synthetic voice that is representative of their own voice.

Web Application + Learning Management System (LMS)

Platform allows engagement by several entities who interact by sharing information, sharing documentation. Platform includes an administration portal, an Learning Management System (LMS) that comprises of Training and Learning modules, assigning certificates of completion, and integration with other services. Security Encryption.

Data Collection and Port

Clinical data collection (clinicians) that is collected over a web and desktop application then ported to an in-house tool.

Data Collection and Port

Clinical data collection (patients) that is collected over tablets and then ported to an Epic tool.